Yifang Foundation is a private foundation registered with the governmental department of Civil Affairs, it dedicates itself as a fund resource to support non-profit organizations.

Yifang Foundation is a granter supporting non-profit organizations and their development. We hope to evolve together with all our partners, and boost the industry of social welfare in China.

Yifang Foundation is working with social development programs that are innovative, visionary and directive. We hope to learn from the advanced experience of developed countries in order to support more professional programs in a professional way.

Yifang Foundation devotes to social development with positive energies; we empower non-profit organizations to involve in social equity and innovation through policy advocacy.

Yifang Foundation adopts systematic management and builds integrated governance and professional operation system strictly in line with state laws and regulations. In addition, Yifang builds its chapter of the foundation under the principle of transparency, standardization and professionalism.

Yifang Foundation provides grants to organizations and programs focusing on research and policy advocacy of social welfare, social enterprises, education, elderly support, and social innovation.


Mission / To promote social innovation and development through providing support to non-profit organizations.

Objective / Augment the professionalism in social enterprises; support the non-profit organizations to enhance their capacity; and help steer the society towards more innovation and equality.

Value / Human impact principle, visionary and forward looking, innovative, and professional are the key elements of grant decision.
                 Human impact: core principle
                 Visionary and Forward Looking: We look through the issues in a long-term vision.
                 Innovative: We look to support projects that are innovative
                 Professional: We value professionalism a great deal.



TYG Centre, B-2201,
2 North 3rd Ring East, Beijing China
TEL (86-10) 8446 4811
FAX (86-10) 8446 4700
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