> Collaborative Program with Shanghai Zeng’Ai Foundation
Yifang Foundation was involved in selection and consultation of the first Zeng’Ai - Social Enterprise Venture Prize.

Brief introduction of Zeng’Ai Foundation:  Shanghai Zeng’Ai Foundation was established in 2008, and is a private foundation registered with Shanghai Administration Bureau of Social Groups. It is a foundation dedicated to the development of charity, dissemination of charity values through innovative activities, systematic and effective fund management methods based on various financial tools, and the construction of a harmonious society.

Social Enterprise Venture Prize:

Zeng’Ai set up the Social Enterprise Venture Prize to discover the seeds of excellent social enterprises, and help them to grow up. The prize winners are usually social enterprises with social significance, reasonable operation, and broad development prospects, who will obtain continuous funding and advisory support for at least three years. Therefore the grantees are able to develop stably, soundly, and sustainably, so they can continually contribute to society, and inspire more social enterprises to do the same.

Characteristics of the Prize:
1. Long-term support
- Every year there will be 1-2 winners that obtain the three-year funding support;
- According to the development status and needs of the enterprises, Zeng’Ai may consider extending the support.
2. Generous prize
- The prize winners will obtain a fund of 600,000 RMB(around $96,540) in total, which can be used for their main business development and capacity building;
- According to the needs of the enterprises, the amount and time of the funding can be adjusted.
3. Emphasis of both intellectual and monetary support
- Experts with various backgrounds will be invited to be advisors, and they will be committed to provide long- term consultation on business operation and management issues;
- When it is possible, Zeng’Ai will introduce business opportunities to the winner enterprises.


Dr. Eric Xu, the founder of Yifang Foundation, was involved in the election and consultation of first Zeng’Ai - Social Enterprise Venture Prize, and has paid attention to its subsequent development. Currently, this prize has become a pioneer in social enterprise development in China.


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