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“Our World”, the Art Work Exhibition of Children with autism was held in the School of Life Sciences at Peking University and sponsored by the Yifang Foundation. This exhibition spread the ideas that everyone can do something for children with autism.

Brief introduction: Stars and Rain, with the full name of Beijing Stars and Rain Education Institute, was originally founded on March 15, 1993, and it is China's first non-profit organization providing educational services for children with autism and their families. It was registered with Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce in Chaoyang District in December of 1993. It was Tian Huiping, a mother of an autistic child, who initiated this organization. Through professional service, Stars and Rain aims to improve parents’ ability to raise their autistic children and enhance the healthy development of social services in this field, so as to enable people with autism to gain fair developmental chances and enjoy normal lives. Aiming at helping autistic children and providing them with early-stage individualized education, Stars and Rain are experts in serving autistic children with individualized education programs and preschool training and instruction. Parents are also taught necessary information about autism and a series of methods on behavioural training, which enables them to train and help their autistic children in daily life. Stars and Rain also strives for realizing the social knowledge, understanding and acceptance for autistic children, to improve social awareness, comprehension and inclusion on autistic children and respect their rights to survive and develop.


A brief introduction of Heart Alliance Autism Network:

In 2005, with the financial support of MISEREOR, a German Foundation, Stars and Rain initiated a Heart Alliance Autism Network through a series of training and advocacy activities in the autism field, aiming to improve the general service quality for autistic people by integrating resources. It made efforts to build professional standards in autistic serves, and systematic organizational management. Heart Alliance advocates for equal rights, recognition and acceptance from the government and society for people with disabilities, in order to provide a better living environment for vulnerable groups through the promulgation and improvement of policies and regulations that serve autistic people. To achieve a more systematic and structured exchange and communication in the autism service industry and enable the healthy development of social services for people with autism. Heart Alliance Autism Network is currently focusing on building a platform for autism-serving organization or groups.

Since its establishment in 2005, Heart Alliance Autism Network has achieved continued development with the funds raised by Stars and Rain. The network of local and international professional resources has enabled teachers to provide professional exercises and consultation to autistic children, while also raising the social awareness of autism. In 2015, Heart Alliance Autism Network will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Stars and Rain plans to take this opportunity to summarize their experiences, lessons, and develop a new orientation and strategy. Additionally, they are going to hold a presentation ceremony for excellent network members, aiming to encourage the development of autism-serving organizations by modelling influence. They will also promote the communication-facilitating tools for autistic children and hold professional seminars to improve professionalism in the industry.

Yifang Foundation is the sole sponsor to the project of Heart Alliance Autism Network.


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