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Together with The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, Yifang Foundation commissioned Social Resource Institute (SRI) implemented the program of “system construction of design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning for educational organizations” (DMEL), which is trying to improve the organizations’ effectiveness from the inside.

A Brief introduction of SRI:
Social Resource Institute (SRI) , whose duties include social research, strategy consultation and shared learning, was founded in April, 2008. SRI works with NPOs, corporations and governmental agencies that dedicate to social transformation, to find out the reasons and the solutions of social problems through knowledge production and dissemination by investigations, strategic planning, project design, monitoring research and shared learning on three aspects of effective philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and government involvement. The mission of SRI is to construct a fair, free and participatory society through independent, professional, and constructive work and empower practitioners.

1. Program of “system construction of design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning for educational non-profit organizations”

In recent years, the words “philanthropy failure” taught people to question if a philanthropic program can really benefit people or solve social problems. Other than just paying attention to the financial regulation and transparency of an organization, the monitoring and evaluation of philanthropic programs also became a focus. However, while the effectiveness attracted more attention, it was just a concept, there was no organizational research on how to promote “effective” methods to realize effectiveness. By constructing and accomplishing the system of “Design-Monitor-Evaluation-Learning” (DMEL), SRI achieves philanthropic effectiveness within organizations. Analyzing the organization and key issues, SRI would provide training and guidance to individual organizations. After providing pilot training and guidance to 5 organizations, SRI built a mentor’s team which provided the trainees with comprehension and consensus, increasing the organizations effectiveness.

Yifang Foundation and The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation are co-sponsors of this program.


2. Third-party evaluation of Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization in China

The 2013 Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization in China reviewed the changes that happened in China’s education industry and the current situation of non-profit educational organizations. The goal of the conference was to augment the equality and quality of education in China by inspiring the development of the organizations, providing guidelines for the practices of the organizations, raising the influence of the organizations, and advising on the development of education policies. SRI was invited to evaluate this conference as a professional institute with objectivity and neutrality. SRI was experienced in evaluation of philanthropic education programs, and knew how the organizations think and work; their evaluation of the design, implementation, outcome, and impact of this conference provided objective feedback and professional suggestions for future development.

Yifang Foundation is the sole sponsor of this evaluation program.


3. Industry research on grant-making foundation

There are many discussions on the value chain of the non-profit sector, people increasingly agree that the value of foundations is making grants. Meanwhile, governments are also carrying out more policies to support foundations’ funding programs. More foundations begin to realize their value by making grants, but not all of them are capable enough. While foundation grant-making is getting more popular, it is crucial to improve funding-effectiveness. SRI planned to spend 8 months on the research of grant-making foundations in China, and build a knowledge framework of grant-making in China through in-depth interviews, field visits, document studies, and workshops based on the research. The main outcome of this program includes an investigation report, a manual of “Effectively making grants in China”, and a mid-term plan of promoting effective grant-making. The short-term goals of this program are: a. Drawing a clear map of funding environment in China for foundations and related governmental civil affair departments; b. Providing reference to new-found foundations, to help them get on track in a short timeframe; c. Involving more stakeholders in the process to make grant-making more effective. The research will help improve the funding environment, build grant-making capacity, and achieve the social value for foundations.

Yifang Foundation, together with Narada Foundation, Macao TongChai Charity Association, and Fujian Zhenro Foundation are co-sponsors of this program.


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