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The goal of this three-month program is to build a Transparent Operation Manual for Foundations that assist newly founded foundations that want to be more transparent and learn more about information disclosure.

Brief introduction of CFC:  The China Foundation Center (CFC) website was co-founded by 35 well-known foundations in China, and was officially on-line on July 8th, 2010. CFC’s mission is “to establish an information-sharing platform, provide capacity building services for foundation development, promote foundation’s self-regulatory mechanism and credibility, and create a sound and transparent culture within foundations”. CFC raises transparency and accountability for foundations by disclosing information of their contact, management team, financial status, programs, donors and news update of all the foundations in China. These information now is an important resource for government, corporations, media, non-profit organizations, academia and the public for purpose of policy-making, partner-seeking, news clues, data study and donations.


Transparent Operation Manual for Foundations:

On the other side of the flourishing philanthropic industry in China, there are many problems yet to be solved, for instance, the lack of transparency guidelines for new foundations and the necessary transparency reference format in the foundations’ annual report makes it difficult to do transparency construction. CFC developed the first Foundation Transparency Index, FTI, in China. However, many foundations don’t know the evaluation criteria of FTI, or how to be transparent.

In response to this situation, we hope to spend three months ( October 2014 to January 2015) to build an Transparent Operation Manual for Foundations that help new foundations and foundations that want to be more transparent, and raise their awareness on information disclosure. Meanwhile, an App for mobile devices, which makes it convenient to learn how to build transparency, will provide an express resource to foundations.

Yifang Foundation is the sole sponsor of Transparent Operation Manual for Foundations.


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