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Together with Huizeren, Yifang Foundation helps ameliorate capacity building for non-profit organizations, by enhancing their capacity and professionalism in program implementation, and improving their professional development and systematic management in the industry.

Brief introduction of Huizeren:  Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Center (Huizeren) is a pioneer in cross-sector cooperation, professional development, and capacity building for NGOs. Volunteer training and consultation services provided by Huizeren are well-branded in the non-profit sector; and they were also involved in the voluntary service in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai Expo. Since 2011, Huizeren started and sponsored a “China Professional Volunteer Service Development” program, and an “i Leadership” program in collaboration with corporations, and a “Philanthropic Space” program cooperated with the governmen.It developed many series of course such as “Voluntary Service Management”, ” Trainers and Mentors of Volunteers’Training”, an “i Leadership ”, and “Fund for Professional Volunteer Aid” . Through many years of operation, Huizerenhas been very experienced in the implementation of research programs.


Model Study of Philanthropic Leadership Development in China

Based on the “i Leadership” project and “i Leadership Institute” launched by Huizeren and YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, the study is aimed to explore an effective mentoring system for philanthropic talents, and furthermore, to find a path for building a leadership development model to inspire talent cultivation for non-profit organizations and achieve a sound development of the entire industry. The study includes both theoretical and practical research. The theoretical research will provide guidance for development and implementation of” i Leadership” program, while the outcome of the implementation helps refine the model, and the methods and practices of training will be used to continually improve and assist the trainees (individual and organization) in their growth.


The study will benefit the leaders of 1000 NGOs, which will be a benefit to their career development in the non-profit sector. The non-profit organizations capacity, professionalism in their project implementations, and the organizational development will be evolved consequently. Moreover, the outcome of the study will help create a guideline for capacity building in the non-profit sector, which will increase professionalism for the whole industry.

Yifang Foundation is a donor of this study.


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