> Collaborative Program with Philanthropy & Charity Weekly
Yifang Foundation provides funds to Philanthropy & Charity Weekly to support their e-magazine and WeChat Subscription Accounts, hopingto help this publication increase the professionalism in China’s non-profit sector, and create public attention and promote participation in philanthropic activities.

Brief introduction of Philanthropy & Charity Weekly:  Philanthropy & Charity Weekly was founded in 2011, and is a requisite publication for mainstream professionals in the NGO sector. They observe the philanthropic industry from an academic perspective, and support practitioners and volunteers with constructive and high-quality information. The five characteristics of Philanthropy & Charity Weekly are: FAST: collecting and integrating most updated news; COMPLETE: including all the important news that has happened in one week; Thorough: selecting insights from experts, and analyzing every progress in the industry; GLOBAL: figuring out the development of the public sector in China through global trends; VALUE: leading the value through information dissemination.


Cooperation with Philanthropy & Charity Weekly

The Small Grant Program for Philanthropy & Charity Weekly is aimed to improve the editing level, and make philanthropic topic more noticed in the mainstream of Chinese society. This fund was spent on editing melioration, capacity building in reader-response, and on the maintenance of the WeChat Subscription Account. Professional designers will also be involved in the editing process in order to refine the layout and make the pages more reader-friendly. In the second half of 2014, a reader investigation helped them to understand the preference of the readers and thus optimize the columns and content selection. Meanwhile, there will be specialized manpower recruited for for WeChat management and promotion.

Vision of the Program:

Updating philanthropic practitioners with industrial trend and information via the e-magazine and WeChat of Philanthropy & Charity Weekly; steering the professionalism in China’s non-profit sector; and driving more public attention on this increasingly active sector.

Yifang Foundation is the sole donor of this program.


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