> Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization in China
November 7th to 8th, 2013, the 3rd Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization in China was held in Xi’an. More than 500 representatives from 233 educational organizations, governmental agencies, academies and corporations participated in this 2-day conference. Yifang Foundation was one of the key sponsors of this conference.

Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization is:
- A systematic review of the development of philanthropic educational organizations;
- A discussion of the hot topics of education and educational organizations;
- An exchange and learning of the practice of educational organizations;
- A get-together for education practitioners to share information, meet friends, and build contacts with partners;
- A chance for non-profit organizations to express themselves.

Brief introduction: Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization is a plenum for individuals and organizations in the education industry. 2013’s conference summarized the change of education environment and the status of philanthropic educational organizations. A status report on the research of education organization and education environment was given, which helped the education organizations in their perspective development. All of the organizations involved in the research were listed in a yearbook, making it easier for education granters to make contacts with these organizations for cooperation. Additionally, during this 2-day conference, outstanding education practices were also exhibited. Educational organizations, donors and other stakeholders were invited to this conference to discover the real needs, elevate frequency and level of exchanges, learnings and cooperation, and, to build an active eco-chain in the education industry. Through this joint effort, participants hope to augment the equity and quality of education in China, enlarge the impact of philanthropic educational organization in China, and provide positive advices on the development of education policy.

The hosts of 2013 conference are Western Sunshine Foundation and 21st Century Education Research Institute, and the organizer is Shaanxi Chunshan Education Foundation.
Place of the conference: Xi’an
Time: November 7th to 8th

“Research on the status and trend of development of rural education in China” Report;
“Research on the status and trend of development of philanthropic educational organizations in China” Report;
“Analysis on the sphere of work of philanthropic educational organizations in China” Report;
“Directory of philanthropic educational organizations”


Partner organizations

Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation
BeijingWesternSunshine Rural Development Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on May 26th, 2006, and registered with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. The foundation is dedicated to ameliorating rural education and improving community development in west China; support teachers, students and vulnerable groups in rural area with opportunities to change their own lives.

21st Century Education Research Institute
Established in year 2002, 21st Century Education Research Institute is a leading educational think-tank in China. It’s a non-profit organization focusing on the research of public educational policy, as well as policy advocacy. Its mission is to pursue a better education and education with ideal by promoting the reform and development of education in China.

Chunshan Education Foundation in Shaanxi
Chunshan Education Foundation (CEF for short), under the administration of United Front Work Department of Party Provincial Committee in Shaanxi, was founded in September 2006 and registered with Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Civil Affairs. Led by the mission of helping people to help themselves, CEF provides funding to poor students, conducts NGO training and action advocacy to raise awareness on education issues in poverty-stricken areas, and promotes the urban-rural communications and integration.

The cooperation:
As a key sponsor of this conference, Yifang Foundation provided funds to support the research for the project as well as the logistics of the conference.


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