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We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard if you are looking for a new career in the non-profit sector to reach your potential. We offer the following competitive working conditions for staff:

• A working platform and development space for staff to reach their full potential;
• The opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s thematic expansion and new project development;
• The opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s development planning and institutional building;
• A very competitive remuneration (negotiable);
• Social security: five social insurances and one housing fund;
• National holidays;
• Paid annual leave;
• Annual health examination;
• Working lunch and afternoon tea on weekends;
• Team building activities of fun and birthday welfare;
• Internal and external training and learning opportunities;
• An elegant and comfortable office environment;
• A friendly team working atmosphere;

Now the following positions are open and welcome to join us:

A. Full-time staff (closed)
    1.Project Director (1 position);
    2.Project Manager (1 positions);
    3.Research Specialist (1 position);
    4.Receptionist / Administrative assistant (1 position);

B. Part-time staff (closed)
    1.Project Managers (several positions);
    2.Research Specialist (1 position);
    3.Communication Specialist (1 position);

    The work approach, work time and remuneration of part-time staff are negotiable.

C. Internship and volunteers (for more details please see below)
    1.Project interns (several positions);
    2.Internal intern (1 position);
    Those interns who have good performance will have the opportunity to receive a full time staff offer.
    We welcome volunteers with different background to join us and we’ll provide subsidies to them.

We are recruiting the following interns and volunteers:

1. Project Interns (several positions)

1.1 Roles and responsibilities

1.1.1 Project related work;
1.1.2 Early stage literature review and survey of the projects;
1.1.3 Project liaison and communications;
1.1.4 Project procedure management;
1.1.6 Other project related works.

1.2 Qualifications

1.2.1 Familiar with or experience in non-profit project management preferred;
1.2.2 Familiar with literature search and collection;
1.2.3 Good at communications and interaction skills;
1.2.4 Good written and oral communication skills in English.

2. Internal Intern (1 position)

2.1 Roles and responsibilities

2.1.1 Information search, translation, collection, etc;
2.1.2 Other quests required.

2.2 Qualifications

2.2.1 Familiar with literature search, collection and management;
2.2.2 Good written skills;
2.2.3 Good English skills and translation skills;
2.2.4 A certain period of time can be reserved for the task.

Please submit your CV to hr@yifangfoundation.org

Warm reminder:
Our Office and interview site: Room 2201, Block B,TYG Centre, 2 North 3rd Ring East, Beijing 100027 China
Public transport info: exiting at C2, Sanyuanqiao Station, Metro Line 10 and walking west; Sanyuanqiao Station of Bus No. 300 and Te 8.

We are looking forward to you joining us!



TYG Centre, B-2201,
2 North 3rd Ring East, Beijing China
TEL (86-10) 8446 4811
FAX (86-10) 8446 4700
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